Thursday, January 10, 2013


Welcome to new little hidey hole. This one is all about the Crazy Quilt Journal Project for 2013 which I am hoping to join and complete. At this stage there is little to say, since the action will take place next year. At the moment it is just the preparatory stuff, like registering, setting up the new blog to go with it and thinking, thinking, thinking. What am I going to do? Will it be a quilt? Or something else - I quite like the idea of a series, perhaps based on the seasons. That would probably work quite well as the whole project seems to be based around 'quarters'; ie, every three months the blocks should be completed, photographed and sent in. A journal is not in my mind - I can't really see the value in such things. Who will ever go back and look at it, or will it ever be shown? So .... back to thinking.


I set up this blog especially for this year's (2013) CQJP or crazy quilt journal project, though why it is described as 'journal' project is quite beyond me. Perhaps I should have been involved from the get-go and then I would know all there is to know. Anyway, I decided to join this year as I have not really done anything much since my exhibition in 2011. I worked so hard for it, every day and long into the night for many months and really all for nought. I covered costs but that is all and now I am left with heaps of work and for a long time total physical and mental depletion. I have made the blocks for a wall quilt but am struggling to find the motivation to put it together. All that sounds unbelievably negative so now it is on to more positive things. I am looking forward to making a block a month and have decided to make a block each month about that month. So this is my introduction - not very uplifting is it? Let us hope things improve as the year goes along.